Pushing Past Your Pain Points to Become Whole for Success!

Big Brand Stylist Group Coaching Program

Big Brand Stylist Online Workshop


Big Brand Stylist Group Coaching Program


For professionals in the beauty and Business industry who wants to jumpstart your business success, attract the right client, expand your brand, create new products and services, foster new partnerships, Increase your impact, and boost your Revenu.  

What is Big Brand Stylist Coaching?

 The Big Brand Stylist Coaching  and Mastermind is a group coaching program that  Brands You in the Business & Beauty Industry with design strategies to help the consumer mindset quickly identify with your product or services to impact  revenue exponentially,  profitability and  for financial success. This program is directed towards  the  consumer mindset in their connected emotions and the development of feelings towards the product or service creating sales ideals through identification, story telling, image consulting,  advertising campaigns, consistency and differentiation about you, your business, or a product or service you provide.

Investment: *6-month commitment of $347.00 monthly * Intro consultation * Mindset of a Big Brand Stylist Audio Work shop *  6 Training Modules 1 per month * Private Facebook group. *Develop Revenue Wheel Funnel Training *1 work book (3 bonus calls)

Why would you choose my coaching program over the competition?

1. I Am You, and You Are Me, I’ve experience the loss and confusion as an entrepreneur personally and professionally and found away to win through investing in coaches and mentors.

 2. I’m committed to your progress, s of breaking free of negtive thought patterns that  keep you from maximixzinupporting customer retention and growth. When you win we, all win!

3. I will teach you what I know, by continually investing in a coach.  Every coach needs a coach.

4. I over serve, giving more value for your investment.

5. You will gain a ROI, if you stay committed to process and do the work

6. You will gain a support system of like- minded Profitable Entrepreneurs master mining to achieve success.

7. You gain access to the mindset of a Big Brand Stylist,  teaching you the correct posture, knowledge and the correct strategies attainable to your goals.

8. You will become more marketable to your community and your ideal clients and gain the confidence to succeed for success..

9. You will expand your mind and your Brand exponentially becoming profitable in your market.

10. You will learn to master the management of your business

Whats included:  14 Training Lessons to grow your business


*  Proven strategies to Market yourself as an Expert in your field

*  Defining your Clear  Unique Value 

* Business Beauty Management

*Proven Strategies that brings ROI = $$ Profits, & Clients  

* Selling  Beauty Strategies  

* Creating different streams of income specifically to your Brand

* Crystals 20 Business Beauty Marketing Strategies


*Learn how to use Free,  without loosing value in business

*Brand You! 

*  Using  Audio/Video training, private facebook group training to expand your brand

*Journal Your Dreams! The concept of Journaling for success

*Retail Products & Profit

* Systems to run your business

*   Grow your Profits with the end in mind.

 *Upgrade to my  1 on 1  Coaching a 6 Month Investment.   Consultation required.


Big Brand Stylist Online Workshop


what is the online workshop?

An instructional workshop focusing on the mindset of the Beauty professionals in the Business & Beauty Industry engaging in strategy development thru discussions, masterminding, strategy creation focusing on critical thinking, internet research, survey, analysis, techniques, forecast, and past experiences to support revenue growth for anything you offer to the market satisfying a need or a want for profitability.

Investment: * 3- month commitment $99.99 month * 3 online training Modules 1 per month * Monthly Activity Sheet


What is the mindset of a Big Brand Stylist/Audio Workshop

This is a pre- requisite to the Big Brand Stylist Coaching Program. An audio workshop of recordings to elevate your thinking and renew your mindset to be empowered & committed to the dedicated change needed to start the program. The Mindset of a Big Brand Stylist is one of hope, confidence, empowerment, self-motivated


 Investment: $69 (30 day access) 

1. Be Empowered/in control 

2. Be Inspired/Divine knowledge 

3. Be Committed/Dedicated to your progress 

4. Choose/ Make a decision to Change 

5.. Change / Transform or Convert 

6. Sustainable Entrepreneur vs Profitable Entrepreneur 

 7. The Profitability of Wholeness- Living a balanced life 

 8. Commitment pledge to self 

 9. Business Affirmations to Financial Success 

 10. Setting Attainable Goals 

*option to upgrade to the 12 Month One on One Big Brand Stylist Coaching Program (consultation Required, details given at consultation) Investment: $4999.99 monthly $416.66

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, feel out the inquiry below.

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dr. crystal coleman

 Possesses a wealth of knowledge as an Author, Speaker, and Business Beauty Empowerment Strategist & Consultant. She is a natural born leader who brings clarity and empowers her clients to live and work authentically living their best life forward. Crystal is a board certified Cosmetologist, Instructor, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialists and owner of Anointed Hands Hair Studio LLC located in Fredericksburg, VA. She has traveled abroad using her unique mission and leadership skills to create magnificent hairstyles, wigs and weaves for her clients, some suffering with hair loss, and has taught extensively at major trade shows in the Hair Care Industry. Crystal is passionate in educating others and uplifting them by giving them tools that build success. She loves to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to create their very best business unique to their vision and goals.

Crystal’s, hair styles has been spotlighted in major trade magazines such as Mazza International, Hype Hair Magazine, Black Hair and Fantasy Magazine. Crystal’s professional portfolio consist of leadership roles as Owner of Anointed Hands Hair Studio & Academy Beauty School, past Assistant Educational Director for Bronner Brothers Nu Expressions Artistic Team in Atlanta GA, Educational Director for Helen and Paula Hair Care Products located in King George VA, Chi-Deep Brilliance Educator, P-Element Educator and past President of Fredericksburg Vicinity Cosmetology Chapter in Fredericksburg, VA. Crystal loves to empower women, young girls and other business professionals in her community to maximize their full potential in their gifts that God has blessed them with. Crystal’s believes the secrete to true success is reconnecting with your inner wisdom, power, and passion. Crystal’s life experiences has elevated her desire to produce her first book, “ Mastering Steps To Become Whole, For The High Achieving Woman.” and Hair Maintenance Guide, “ Loving Your Hair Affair”.

Why I started my coaching program?

I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME! I struggled as a young entrepreneur for many years, taking many classes, going to different Beauty Shows, getting certifications, degrees, and job titles looking for the right niche to increase my revenue for sustainability. Although, those things were beneficial to building my lists of services and exposure. After paying my bills, the struggle was real. I was just sustaining and maintaining, lacking the unique tools and strategy to sustain profitability (money left over after paying overhead and personal bills). All the certificates in the world don’t add up to the profitability of your business and service revenues. I was now faced with the challenges of not being profitable on paper, after giving so many years to the hair and beauty industry. I knew something had to change and that change started with me changing my mindset. I had gotten too comfortable with only sustaining and maintaining spending what was not a profit dinging myself into a deeper whole of debt. This is a danger zone for the professional who plans to one day, leave a legacy for their family, retire with a good income and don’t want to be standing behind the chair at age 65 or more. There is a difference in the mindset of a Profitable Entrepreneur vs the Sustainable Entrepreneur. One lacks the vision, strategy, and knowledge to expand their business maximizing their full potential to create sustainable profitable revenue exponentially. I had to do a self-check of what have I really achieved that wasn’t of depreciating value. We waist time, money and energy being busy but are you making sure you are profitable on paper? Yes, there were many things I could have done to not be in that position, but I was there as many of you are right now and was determined to break the curse and help some of my fellow peers along the way. I made a commitment to myself which catapulted my Consulting & Coaching Program, BUSINESS BEAUTY EMPOWERMENT STRATEGIST. I help stylists In the Business & Beauty Industry to Push Past Pain Points and Strategize for Financial Success. You don’t have to carry the shamed, guilt, and doubt that comes with not having the right strategy to become successful in your business. Start today by making a commitment to get out of the trenches of sustainability to profitability. You are not alone. I Am You and You Are Me! Nothing stays the same, you must have the correct strategy for your goals to be obtainable for the time and season you are in. If you are looking for the solution to creating revenue for Profitability, this is the program for you. My pasts mistakes, failures, bad experiences and financial losses was a training ground to connect me with my ideal client with empathy, because I Am YOU and You Are Me. I understand if you’ve ever felt like giving up on that business, quitting all together, or defeated from the lack of confidence based on your past business decisions. I’ve been there. Over the past several years I have invested in encompassed knowledge finding correct strategies and solutions in Business, Marketing, and the Hair and Beauty industry. Every business has a different strategy that is unique to their business goals to achieve success. Pain Points are those challenges we come against like a glass ceiling wall in the business and beauty industry paralyzing you where you lack Vision, Knowledge, and the Strategy to overcome. This program is imperative to your business future and profitability. My past experience, failures, credibility and wins qualify me to empower you to elevate your career, goals, mind to a higher standard. This is my faithful service to God giving back to my community of like-minded entrepreneurs on the path to Financial Success. We are in business to be Profitable in Success. I AM You and You Are Me!

My experiences

Author, Speaker and Business Beauty Consultant, a Licensed Cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience, a National Platform Artist & Educator For P-Element Products, CHI- Deep Brilliance Educator, Helen & Paula Hair Care Products Educational Director , Licensed Cosmetology Instructor & Owner of Anointed Hands Hair Studio & Academy, Nail Technician Instructor Career Technical Solutions, Doctorate Degree in Cosmetology Miracle University Danville VA, Master of Cosmetology (NIC) National Beauty Culturists League, BB Bronner Brothers Nu Expressions Hair Care Company Assistant Educational Director, President of FVCC Cosmetology Local Association, Founder of Crystal’s Educational Synergy Explosion Seminars, Diploma of Practical Theology International Seminary and Fashion & Beauty Consultant for The FEVA GROUP, Fredericksburg, VA a fashion entertainment company.